Vehicle Rental Agreement


1. General terms of lease

The motorhome can be rented by a person older than 18 years and with a valid driver's license for at least 3 years, which must be valid at least until the end of the rental. To rent a motorhome, the vehicle must be reserved. When taking over the vehicle, the renter must have his valid driver's license with him. For travel outside the European Union, the renter must have a permit to drive a foreign vehicle. The tenant specified in the contract is liable for the consequences of any breach of contract. The vehicle is operated by the renter specified in the contract.

The vehicle must not be subleased or used by another person. The renter undertakes to treat the vehicle as a good landlord. Any penalties are borne by the tenant.
Pets are not allowed in the vehicle (except by prior arrangement). Smoking is not allowed in the vehicle.

It is not possible to extend the rental without the prior permission of the motorhome owner.

The lease enters into force upon signing the lease agreement of both parties and the minutes of the initial condition of the vehicle, payment of the full amount of the planned lease and payment of the security deposit. The lease ends with the signing of the minutes of the final condition of the vehicle of both parties, the settlement of any additional costs, and the return of the eligible security after a thorough inspection of the vehicle. The security is returned to the lessee without interest within 30 days after the end of the lease, or depending on the release of funds at the lessee's bank. Issuance and signing of the minutes of the final condition of the vehicle does not delay the subsequent establishment of hidden damage and / or costs incurred by violations, so the lessee agrees to calculate the costs, even within 14 days after signing the minutes of the final condition of the vehicle.

The price does not include fuel, parking fees, tolls, camping and tourist taxes.
Upon receipt, the full planned rent must be paid and the entire security must be paid.

The price includes VAT, compulsory and full comprehensive insurance with 1% deductible deductible (*), car assistance, basic equipment.

Motorhome cleaning is charged (fixed cost) in the amount of 25 EUR.

2. Calculation of costs in case of non-compliance with the rules:

• Delayed return time of the motorhome - 20 euros. • Smoking in the motorhome - 50 euros.
• Emptying a full toilet bowl - 50 eur.

• In the event that the fuel tank is not full, the lessee will be charged fuel costs according to Petrol's daily price list for the missing part of the fuel, plus EUR 15 for fixed costs.

• In the event that upon return it is determined that any deep cleaning is required in the motorhome, the tenant pays the amount of deep cleaning in the amount of 100 EUR.

3. Takeover of the vehicle

Collection of the vehicle is between 14.00 and 20.00 or by agreement. The parties inspect the vehicle together and sign a report on the initial condition of the vehicle.

Upon acceptance, the motorhome has a full tank of fuel, enough of all the fluids in the engine and enough household gas. It has a full drinking water tank, an empty toilet bowl and a waste water tank.

Upon collection, the tenant is verbally reminded of the specifics of driving and using a motorhome.

After signing the minutes, the renter gets the keys and documents of the vehicle.

4. Vehicle return

Return of the vehicle is between 9.00 and 11.00 or. by agreement. The parties inspect the vehicle together and sign a report on the final condition of the vehicle.

Each customer receives one copy at the end of the rental and is the basis for determining any damage during / after the return of the motorhome.

The tenant returns the motorhome:

• thoroughly cleaned

• with an empty waste water container,

• with an empty toilet bowl

• with a full tank of fuel,

• with enough of all the fluids in the engine.

When the damage is determined, an assessment of the extent of the damage is made, a photograph is taken and a report is made.

In case of agreement between the parties, the minutes at the end of the lease are signed by both parties, the keys and documents of the vehicle are returned and thus the lease is terminated. In the event of disagreement, the subject matter of the dispute shall be established in the minutes and a dispute may be initiated in the competent court in Kranj.

5. Vehicle insurance and renter's liability

The motorhome is compulsorily and fully insured with an insurance company (1% deductible deductible) and has car assistance in Slovenia and abroad with the insurance company.

In the event of an accident covered by our policy, the lessee covers the damage of the deductible deductible and the loss of the bonus, except in the case of ordering and paying for the "Full coverage without obligation" service, which is charged according to the valid price list. In this case, no deposit is required for the rental period.

If, in the event of an accident, drunkenness or gross negligence is established, the comprehensive insurance is not valid and all repair and non-income costs are borne by the lessee.

The tenant is unlimitedly liable:
• for injuries and penalties resulting from non-compliance with regulations, laws, rules.

The lessee is liable for them materially and criminally even after the end of the lease, regardless of when the notification of the violation or offenses and penalties or punishments for him.

The renter must lock the motorhome every time he leaves the vehicle. He keeps the keys and documents of the vehicle safely with him.

All interventions in the vehicle without prior agreement with the landlord are prohibited and therefore the cost of repairs is not recognized.

In the event of a breakdown of the vehicle or equipment on the vehicle due to wear and tear or technical error, the costs of repair are borne by the lessor, and the repair and payment is agreed with the lessee.

In the event of a motorhome breakdown, the tenant immediately informs the landlord on his mobile phone (tel: +386 40 474 035) to decide together on further activities (assistance, repair, service, payment...). If the defect was not the fault of the lessee and the lessee, in agreement with the lessor, repaired it at the appropriate service, the latter submits the original invoice upon return of the motorhome, which must be read to the company-owner of the motorhome. Only and exclusively in this case does the landlord reimburse the tenant for the costs incurred.

In the event of a breakdown, the lessor does not undertake to replace the vehicle with a replacement, nor does it cover any costs that the lessee may incur as a result. The tenant is entitled to all benefits and payment of costs offered by car assistance concluded with the insurance company.

If the vehicle is damaged or damaged during the previous rental to such an extent that it is not possible to prepare for the rental until the current rental, the lessor also does not undertake to replace the reserved vehicle with a replacement one. Each such case is resolved individually in accordance with the possibilities of the landlord (refund of the advance paid, the implementation of the lease in another term).

In the event of an accident, the tenant must:

• fill in the form "European Accident Report",

• write a statement on non-alcoholism,

• also report the accident to the police abroad.

In the event of damage to the vehicle by an unknown person, the renter is obliged to report the incident to the police and obtain its record.

6. Security

Upon taking over the vehicle, a security deposit must be lodged, which is used to pay: • deductible deductibles in the event of an accident or vehicle theft,
• loss of insurance bonus,

ged equipment,

• reasons arising from non-compliance with the "RENTAL CONDITIONS", rules, laws and other regulations.

If the security deposit is not lodged for various reasons, it is paid upon return of the motorhome in the event of an accident. For damaged vehicles and equipment, the price list of original spare parts and the services of authorized services is taken into account.

7. Reservation and payment

Payment of the entire amount of the motorhome rental in accordance with the issued pro forma invoice is paid by the lessee no later than 15 days before the departure-start of the rental in the high season or. by agreement.

In the low to mid season, the tenant must pay the amount in full at least 10 days before the start of the lease.

In the event that the lessee does not comply with these payment deadlines, the reservation of renting a motorhome is considered canceled and the lessor may withhold the advance payment of the reservation without compensation and is not obliged to refund it.

The reservation-advance amounts to 30% or 100 euros (whichever is greater) of the rental amount and is paid upon receipt of the pro forma invoice.

In case of written cancellation of the reservation or rental of a motorhome by the lessee of the motorhome, the lessor has the right to a refund of the cancellation of the rental of the motorhome, the amount of which depends on the time of submission of the lessee's cancellation.

Reimbursement of loss due to the cancellation of the rental of a motorhome consists of administrative costs

cancellation in the amount of € 30 and the amount depending on the number of days still remaining from the receipt of the written cancellations until the start of the motorhome rental.

If the lease is canceled by the tenant:

• more than 45 days before the start of the rental period - reimbursement of a loss of 100% of the total rental value,

• from 21 to 45 days before the start of the rental period - reimbursement of a loss of 80% of the total rental value,

• from 20 to 10 days before the start of the rental period - reimbursement of a loss of 60% of the total rental value,

• less than 10 days before the start of the rental period - reimbursement of a loss of 0% of the total rental value.

In the event that the renter does not take over the motorhome at the time specified in the Booking Confirmation, this is considered a cancellation of the rental for the booked period. The landlord reserves the right to withhold the full amount paid for the rental of the motorhome.

If the lessee voluntarily terminates the lease early as stated in the Motorhome Lease Agreement, the lessor will in no case reimburse the difference in the amount for the remaining duration (unused part) of the motorhome rental.

If the tenant or landlord cancels the lease due to demonstrable force majeure (death or illness requiring hospital treatment), compensation is charged at 10% of the estimated value.

The landlord charges the administrative costs of canceling the rental of the motorhome, even if the tenant finds a replacement.

8. Prohibited use of motorhomes

The tenant undertakes to use the motorhome exclusively for tourist purposes, and in no way for legally prohibited activities.

The tenant is prohibited from using the motorhome for:
• participation of the motorhome in car events or use of the motorhome as a test vehicle.

• for the transport of dangerous goods, explosives, combustible, toxic or otherwise dangerous substances.

• for the transport of weapons, drugs and the like.
• for further conclusion of leases.
• to drive through war and other endangered areas.

The tenant declares that he is explicitly informed about the changes in the law on host activities in Croatia, which is valid from 01.05.2009, according to which camping (which in extreme cases also means simply spending the night in a motorhome or any parking of a motorhome outside the parking space) outside Croatia , which is punishable by a fine. In the case of such unauthorized camping on private land, the inspector may also decide to immediately seal the motorhome for a period of 60 days. Sealing a motorhome is a crime. The lessee undertakes not to violate the above law in the event of the use of a motorhome rented under this contract in Croatia. In case of violation, the renter is fully liable for all damages, including compensation for the entire loss of income of the landlord due to unavailability of the vehicle at the time of sealing, the cost of transporting the vehicle back to the landlord after the sealing period, damage to the motorhome during sealing due to vandalism theft, intrusion of water, rodents or any other damage that would occur to the landlord as a result of non-compliance with the above law.

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